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Team Event Rules

General Information: WSBPA High School Varsity Championship 2019

February 16-17, 2019

Paradise Lanes – Tacoma, WA

1.)  Coach or team captain must sign bottom of the recap sheets, immediately after each Baker matches on Saturday and Sunday, before scores are officially recorded.

2.)  Remember to write your team name, the name of the school, not the school nickname, on the top of the recap sheets.

3.)  Only one bowling ball on the ball return rack for each bowler.

4.)  Please be respectful of others equipment by making sure you do not accidentally pick up the wrong ball when moving to the next game.

5.)  Saturday and Sunday, Baker format BOTH DAYS. Each day will be, FIVE, 4 game Baker matches, 1 point can be won for each head-to-head game won and 2 bonus points for total pinfall. 6 points possible per match - 30 points possible each day. The 1st NINE matches will be round robin enabling team within each 10 team division, to bowl against each team in their division. The final Baker match on Sunday, will be position round. 60 possible points could be won over the two days. Total points will determine State Champions…total pinfall to break all ties.

6.)  Saturday’s schedule: Check-in: begins at 9:00 a.m. / 9:30 a.m. Coaches Meeting; 9:15 a.m. warm-up; 10:00 a.m. competition begins. Sunday’s final five matches begin promptly at 9:00 am…with warm-up at 8:45 a.m.

7.)  Lineup Changes: A bowler that starts a game must finish that game. Bowlers can only be switched out between games. If an injury occurs during a game, and the bowler comes out, the USBC injury rule takes precedent and that bowler cannot bowl for the remainder of that session.

8.)  Team will line up on their lanes based on the league schedule for their division. For the 10th and final match, teams will line-up 1st – 10th based on total points won to that point. (pin-fall will break all ties).

9.)  One coach only in bowlers’ area. Additional coaches and parents please remain on the concourse level. Only the 5 students bowling each game in the bowling area. Substitutes can be right behind the seating, so please comply. This will be enforced with a penalty of a 10 pin reduction in team score per occurrence.

10.)  Scoring corrections can be made directly by the mutual agreement of the coaches. For any disputes, get Reggie Frederick, Bob Hanson, Brian Benton or Mike Clark (Paradise Lanes).

11.)  Pinsetter or foul line malfunctions may also be resolved by the mutual agreement of the two coaches. For any disputes, see one of the tournament officials.

12.)  Coaches are responsible for maintaining the proper attitude and emotion of their bowlers. Swearing, hitting-kicking equipment will not be tolerated and will result in one warning only. A second occurrence will result in disqualification for the remainder of the competition. This includes being over aggressive with your own teammates regarding noise and disruptions. Coaches should be wearing their USBC Registered Volunteer Badge at all times. Coaches without RVB will NOT be permitted in the bowling area.

13.)  Will start with team introductions by Divisions. Please have your team ready to stand at the foul line, wearing their medallions, as the team and coaches are being introduced.

14.)  Official team shirts, supplied by the high school or sponsoring bowling center must be worn by all bowlers and coaches. Blue jeans and yoga pants or any type of hats are not permitted during competition. Clean, colored denim apparel is permitted as are hemmed shorts provided all team members are similarly dressed. School names or school mascot MUST appear on the back of all team and coaches’ shirts.

15.)  National anthem on Saturday, then bowling begins.

16.)  Practice will start at 8:45 a.m. Sunday….

Greg Olsen, Tournament Director

Reggie Frederick, Assistant Tournament Director

Ron Hicks, Tournament Manager

Bob Hanson, Tournament Manager

Brian Benton, Tournament Manager

Mike Clark, Paradise Lanes, GM

Download Rules

2019 HSV WSBPA Team Rules day of event (pdf)